No Sleigh and Reindeer for Santa Claus at a Maui Resort: What about the children?

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Santa Claus is known to arrive on his sleigh and reindeer. In warm and sunny Hawaii, this could be a challenge – even for Santa.

Santa Claus, however, had a different plan for Hawaii when surprising a group of children on vacation away from home on the holiday island of Maui. He landed on a helicopter at a Maui Resort Hotel lawn to wish children a special Mele Kalikimaka and handed out presents. Christmas eve turned true magical poolside at the Aston Maui Hill.

“Seeing Santa stepped out of a helicopter with the ocean in the background on Christmas Eve is a real treat,” said Gregg Lundberg, president of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. “We participate in this fun event to make sure families, and especially children, have a festive experience by meeting Santa. That’s what the Christmas spirit is all about.”

This is the 35th year that Santa took a detour from the route of his reindeer-drawn sleigh to hop on a helicopter, make a quick stop at Aston Maui Hill, and visit with Maui families and hotel guests.

The Hawaiian style Christmas Eve celebration on the ground of the hotel lawn featured live music, a barbecue lunch, and fun activities for the whole family as everyone eagerly awaited the helicopter drop off of Santa.